The Turkish Tourist Visa scam is just one of the Turkish Holiday Rip Offs You Need to Know About.

One wrong click or tap and you could be lured into a costly mistake that could spoil your Turkish Holiday and leave you hundreds of pounds out of pocket, angry and red-faced.

Most visitors to Turkey need a visa to enter and exit the country.

For most tourists the visa they will need will be a Turkish Tourist Visa and they are available to buy on line.

Type Turkish Visa into some search engines and you will be presented with an alluring selection of websites that look like they can give you your essential Turkish Tourist Visa

But the lure of clicking the first link you see could find you hundreds of pounds out of pocket, angry and red faced.

The Turkish Tourist Visa Scam

Stop, think then click

The Internet is a wonderful place to catch out the unwary especially when it comes to selling you something that you need such as a Turkish Tourist Visa.

Sites vie for the top position on search engines to catch your eye and then make their sites look like the official one could trick you into parting with your cash.

The Turkish Tourist Visa Scam
Stop, think then click

But we are not talking about phishing sites that are trying to steal your money illegally.

No these sites are much more subtle than that.

The Turkish Tourist Visa Scam How It Works

What these sites do is try to do is convince you that they are the official site to lure you in but then charge you an agency fee on top of the official Tukish Tourist Visa charge.

Those sites will argue that they are providing you with a service and therefore their fee is reasonable.

That’s fine if you go into the deal knowing you what you are signing up to.

But many are not upfront and just one click or tap is all it takes to get hooked into parting with your hard earned cash and most of your personal information to boot.

Fethiye Times is contacted regularly by disgruntled holiday makers who have bought their Turkish Tourist Visa only to find that their credit card statement has been charged significantly more than the price of a visa.

They are confused and, when they find out what they have done, are angry and red faced that they had been hooked good and proper thanks to a “fakensite”

The Turkish Tourist Visa Scam Could Cost You Much More

So then it’s back to the site for a refund. But then they find that it’s often almost impossible to obtain a refund because ‘well you did agree to the terms and conditions when you booked……..sir/madam….’….true.

And then there’s that sinking feeling when you also realise that not only have you had more money taken from you than you expected but you have also shared some of your most personal information with a site that you do not know the credentials of…do they secure the data, do they sell it on, could I be the victim of identity fraud…..are they subject to English data protection laws..the questions go on.

The Turkish Tourist Visa Scam Geezers

A family of four buying their Turkish Tourist Visa via one of these sites could be hundreds of pounds out of pocket rather than going direct to the official website

Comments posted on Fethiye Times suggest that these sites can charge around £60 per application over and above the visa price.

So a family of four buying their Turkish tourist visa via a visa fakensite could pay £240 more than they needed. That will knock a large hole in any hardworking family’s holiday budget.

Stop, think then click

Prevention is the best cure so stop, think and then click.

It doesn’t matter how alluring a site seems that is presented by your search engine results when all you need is the official Turkish Tourist Visa Website

The Turkish Tourist Visa Scam
The Turkish Tourist Visa official site

And finally some words from the official Turkish Visa website.

There are numerous web sites which claim to assist users in receiving Turkish e-Visas in return of a service charge. These websites are not endorsed by or associated with the Turkish government. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for any misuse of information or failure of service on their side.

So, stop, think and then click and only use the official site.

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And don’t forget……the official site is only found


  1. But there’s more, if you try to enter Turkey with one of these visas you will immediately be surrounded by the passport police and taken to their office. After you have explained where you obtained your false visa you will then be required to pay another £20 each for an official one – a great start to your holiday.