Save time, money and enjoy your Turkish holiday just a little bit more with our top our top five holiday hacks.

Suntan Crime

Buying sun tan cream is a no brainier if you want to avoid the burn of the hot sun and a red face to boot.

Waiting until up you get to your resort to buy could be more costly than if you bought it in the right shop in the UK.

When we talk about right shop we mean one of the discount stores…you know the places, right. They sell the block from £1 upwards.

Suntan cream

Of course cheap is not always best, so make sure it has the best UVA star rating and the highest SPF you think you may need.

Cash Mash Up

Savvy travellers to Turkey take a range of ways to pay.

Card, cash and currency in varying proportions will cover you for most eventualities.

Cards are widely accepted in supermarkets and chain stores in Turkey.

But if you are going to use a card make sure it’s one that offers low fees and great exchange rates – be warned most do not and the card upon have is more likely to be one of those.

Cash is still king and your foreign currency such as the British Pound will be very welcome thank you as its a strong currency.

Cash Machine Key pad

With the Turkish Lira exchange rate continuing to be volatile just change what you need each day and average out the daily fluctuations in the exchange rate.

Bad value – not a holiday hack – NEVER change money in a hotel or airport. They offer the worst rates!

Sky High Catering

Don’t get caught out by the high prices at Dalaman Airport….Holiday Hack with the DIY Snack!

New Domestic Terminal for Dalaman

On the last day of your holiday pop down to your local resort shop/supermarket and buy plenty of snacks, nibbles and other sustaining food.

Make up a picnic and even invest in a small cool bag to keep everything nice and cold.

Not only will you be helping the local Turkish shop keepers but you’ll also save yourself a large amount of cash!

Then, when you get to the airport, and after you have checked in, find somewhere to sit and tuck into your own food and drink.

If your flight is delayed you could even leave the main terminal building and head downstairs to the shade or cool of the garden.

Of course you will still need to go through security to get back in but that’s probably better than being in the stuffy airport building.

Be aware though that liquid restrictions do apply at the security check in before you enter the departure lounge at Dalaman Airport so drinks will need to be consumed before then.

Roam, Phone, Internet for Free

Turn off roaming on your phone or you could end up with a £22k phone bill.

In fact turn off all apps that may need to access the phones data access too such as sat-nav.

wifi zone

Those apps can make little 1 second calls to download data that could cost you £1.50 a throw. A few of those and you will have a hearty bill to pay on your next bill.

Wifi is offered almost everywhere in and around Fethiye and it’s usually free.

So, another great holiday hack, log on and you can keep in touch without the fear of a sky high bill.

Stay Well

Summer in Turkey is hot, hot, hot. But, when you mix the sun, the heat and not drinking enough you’ll quickly start to dehydrate.

Once dehydrated at best you’ll feel rotton but at worst……….well guess!

Why waste your holiday in a hospital bed when all you need to do is drink some water.


The Food Standards Agency recommends that if you live in the UK (or somewhere with a similar climate) you should drink approximately 1.2 litres (6-8 glasses) of water every day.

But in western Turkey in the summer you will sweat more and lose fluid from your body so you should look at drinking much more than that amount.

Of course we all like a ‘drink’ or two when we are on holiday so follow our advice and match each alcoholic drink with a big glass of water.

Not only will you save some money but you’ll replace the water taken by the alcohol and should stave off a really bad hang over.

If you do suffer from serious dehydration you should seek medical help.

A doctor will often admit you to hospital and place you on a saline drip to replace lost fluids and salt.

Hackers Applied

Got any holiday hacks you would like to share? Post a comment below.


  1. Exchange your English Pounds for Lira in the Local banks or Exchange Centre in Turkey and enjoy a much better exchange rate than in the UK . Cash speaks louder than Cards and will get your further ..