The Turkish Lira exchange rate has now hit a great level for British holiday makers meaning they will get some fantastic value in 2015. But how much will things like a beer, meal out and other holiday spending Turkey cost when you get there?

The British Pound has just hit a new in year high against the Turkish Lira.

British holiday makers heading for the popular Turkish reports of Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye and Antalya will find that their British pound will stretch even further thanks to the weakening of the currency.

You’ve packed your bags, bought your Turkish Visitors Visa and sorted out your holiday money.

Now all you need to know is how much will things cost when you arrive at your Turkish Holiday resort and will the cash you splash on eating, drinking, entertainment, souvenirs and other holiday spending in Turkey be enough.

Well we have carried out a very quick survey (nothing statistically robust here) to give you the heads up.

But before we do that let’s look a how much you can get for your British Pound in resorts.


Yesterday the British Pound bought 4.10 Turkish Lira on the worlds currency markets.

The local change offices in Oludeniz, Fethiye and Calis Beach were offering 4.01 Turkish Lira.

A typical Turkish holiday resort change / exchange office
A typical Turkish holiday resort change / exchange office

So if you changed your money there each Turkish Lira would be worth 25 pence.

That’s a very competitive 2 per cent commission and certainly better than the exchange rates offered in the UK of between 3.50 TL and 3.94 TL.

Holiday Cash Tips

Before we move on you can find some tips on how to protect the power of your Holiday Spending  Turkey in our recent article Turkey – Money Wise and Currency Savvy for more information on currency and what to bring, change and more.

Splash the Cash – Holiday Spending Turkey

Here are few examples of typical holiday spending Turkey items.

– Beer for less than £2. You can find a beer for 8 TL in many locations which is just £1.99.

– A meal for 2 at 80 TL will set you back £19.95. That T-Bone steak featured on the board in our leading picture is £12.

Fresh fish today
Fresh fish today

– A bottle of wine in a restaurant at 50 TL £12.46

– A packet of 20 premium brand cigarettes are 9.00 TL or £2.25

– A typical town bus fare of 2.50 Lira is 62 pence.

– A small bottle of water in a supermarket is 0.25 TL or 6 pence.

– A litre of unleaded fuel is 4.75 TL or £1.18.

Self Catering Holiday to Turkey Food and Drink Costs

If you are renting a villa or apartment in Turkey and are self catering here are a few examples of holiday spending Turkey supermarket prices.

– Halloumi cheese 250 gr 4.30 TL or £1.07

– Fillet Steak Kg – 66 TL or £16.45

– Chicken thighs Kg – 11.75 TL or £2.93

– Onions Kg – 1 TL or 25 pence

Lettuce on a stall in Fethiye market
Lettuce on a stall in Fethiye market

– Tomatoes Kg – 2 TL or 50 pence

– Eggs 15 – 3.60 TL or 90 pence (6 pence each)

– Efes Lager is 4.86 TL a can or £1.21

– Angora red wine 19 TL or £4.73

Holiday Spending Turkey – Fifteen Percent More

Regular visitors to Turkey should also notice a difference this year with the Turkish Lira exchange rate now worth 15 per cent more than the same time last year.

A family spending on average £1,000 whilst on holiday will now find, thanks to the Turkish Lira exchange rate, that they will get a nice £127 or 500 TL more holiday spending Turkey than the same time last year.

Now that’s a winning combination and another good reason to come on a Turkish holiday to one of the popular resorts of Fethiye, Oludeniz, Calis, Hisaronu or Ovacik or other parts of Turkey this year.


  1. Good article, and nice to compare, however, I do not agree on best places to change. I find the exchange offices to offer poor rates compared to shops & restaurants, especially in Icmeler

  2. Great article , but as a regular visitor to Turkey , when restaurants put there prices in £ the tourist do not benefit . For example . Iast year a Bbq was £10 = 35 YTL , this year they are stil asking £10 when asked how much Turkish lira 41 YTL , all most 20% up from last year

    • We cannot say. However, if you want to fix your holiday spending cash at the rate now, buy now in advance.