On a recent trip to the other side of the world we took the bold step to break free from the restrictive world of lugging heavy bags and travel light with just hand luggage (carry on) only and ‘bundling’ is our new friend.

In our previous articles we wrote how to ditch the heavy bags and travel with just hand luggage only.

New World

We explained why, how and the benefits and drawbacks of carrying on all your travelling needs in one bag in the first article – Travel Light Carry On Carry Off

Then we wrote about what to pack and how to pack in the second article – Travel Light What to Pack

In that article we said folding was the way to save space.

However, during our travels we have discovered an alternative packing arrangement that saved even more space leaving a little more for souvenirs and other assorted finds.

Four weeks on and it’s time to share a packing revelation with you.

Travel Light – Bundling

It may at first sound like a student packing regime of grabbing all that is strewn on beds and the floor open armed and forcing into a suitcase using ones body weight.

But it is a little bit easier than that if you Bundle Up

To bundle first lay out all your clothes in a cross on a flat surface like a bed or the floor starting with trousers etc first.

Then overlay on the opposite cross with shirts, shorts, blouses etc.

Then do, do, do the bundle…..its folding with a twist…..


Fold over and over and over in a cross fashion until you have a bundle.


The bundle will take up less space and is ideal for a really well designed piece of square hand luggage such as the Cabin Zero or IT Luggage as we chose and are using to great success see our earlier article.

Bundle your clothes to make best use of limited hand luggage
Bundle your clothes to make best use of limited hand luggage

Bundling also prevents creases to some extent if you lay out your best clothes Forest so they are on the outside of the bundle.

Pack ‘n’ Save

Travelling light has been a liberating experience.

Traditional backpackers make life hard for themselves with a backpack. Better go carry on instead we say.
Traditional backpackers make life hard for themselves with a backpack. Better go carry on instead we say.

Free from heavy luggage and superfluous stuff we have been able to travel easily, quickly and more cheaply.

From saving on hold luggage charges and hiring a smaller car because we did not need so much space to having less clutter in motel rooms and being able to put in bus and train overhead shelves mean we have really seen the benefits.

Airport escalator
Airport escalator

Try it on your next trip.

One of the Best Carry On Bags

We use the Cabin Zero carry on bag on our travels. It’s well made, easy to carry and fits in where other wheeled cases don’t.

Its easier to carry too thanks to its shoulder straps and top handle. And, because it’s in your back you are more fleet of foot than if you were dragging one of those wheeled cases especially when negotiating escalators.

Follow the link below to bag your bag today.

Iain McCulloch is editor of Fethiye Times, inquisitive traveller and loves Fethiye.



  1. Good tip..so explain your process to change clothes & what do you do with the dirty clothes. Do you lay your clothes out in the “cross” in any thought of what you will wear together? Thx

    • Thanks for your comment Deborah.

      We washed as we travelled as most of our accommodation either had washing facilities or was not far from a laundry.

      We pack ‘smalls’ into mesh bags ready for washing ‘in the bag’. Other clothes were laid inside a towel so as not to taint clean clothes.