Earlier this year YDA Construction was awarded the contract for the domestic terminal at Dalaman Airport.

The company behind the International Terminal it is now planning a massive new terminal building for domestic passengers.

Times are changing

Some readers may remember when Dalaman Airport was a very simple affair, and going further back some may remember a time when the nearest airport to Fethiye was in Izmir.

The old domestic terminal
The old domestic terminal

But now it appears Dalaman is moving up into Turkey’s airport premier league.

The International terminal is the currently the 3rd largest terminal building in Turkey at just over 95,000m2 and the domestic terminal, at a massive 106,000m2, will be even bigger.

Impressive figures

Dalaman is vital for Muğla’s tourism industry and Hüseyin Aslan, Chairman of the YDA Group, said the airport now has an impressive 4.5 million passengers passing through its domestic and international portals annually.

Ideally placed to served Muğla's tourism industry
Ideally placed to served Muğla’s tourism industry

He added that plans for the domestic terminal will ensure it is unique in terms of architecture and facilities.

‘Airways are Public Highways’

The terminal, like many other mega-projects in Turkey will function on a build-operate-turnover basis.

Aslan proudly commented, “Our slogan is, ‘airways are public highways’”.

New Domestic Terminal for Dalaman

Does this mean we can assume the new terminal will mean the start of more direct internal flights to other parts of the country? Let’s hope so.

Long term commitment

YDA has operational rights for 25 years and the construction of the new domestic terminal building will cost 200 million euro.

The international terminal building at the ATM Dalaman Airport was also constructed and operated by the YDA Group.

It was officially opened in 2006 by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, then Prime Minister and now President of Turkey.


  1. I hope this means more direct flights from the east of Turkey, from Antep & Adiyaman, instead of wasting so much time to get to Dalaman via Istanbul or Ankara.