The earthquake in Northern San Francisco Bay that hit in the earlier hours of Sunday morning is a sad but timely reminder that California is on an active fault line.

Residents of south west Turkey should be on the alert to the threat of Earthquakes as it sits on one of the most active earthquake areas in the world.


Experts have already said that the latest Californian earthquake was not the ‘Big One’, even though at magnitude-6 on the Richter scale and just under seven miles deep, it understandably caused panic amongst residents.

The quake resulted in damage to buildings and injuries, some of them critical, to 90 people.

So far there have been no deaths reported.


The news is also a reminder to people living in Fethiye that they are also in a high risk earthquake zone.

A few years ago the local council translated their Earthquake guidance into English.

It clearly explains how best to prepare for and survive a quake.

Be Prepared

To download the booklet follow this link to the Fethiye Council website.

Be prepared and stay alert to the threat of earthquakes.