Friday saw the official opening of the new Istanbul Pendik Railway Station by the Turkish Prime Minister.

The station is the starting point for the new 4 billion USD Istanbul – Ankara high speed train service or YHT.

The train will cover the 511 km route (a similar distance as London to Carlisle) in 3.5 hours and will reach speeds of 245 km/ph (152 mph).


The train will stop at nine stations (Istanbul Pendik station start) – Gebze, Izmit, Sapanca, Pamukova, Bilecik, Bozüyük, Eskisehir, Polatlı and Ankara.

Classes and Ticket Prices

There will be four classes of travel with the cheapest ticket costing 70 TL one-way.

The terminus in Istanbul will move in 2015 and will then join up with the new Marmara line that passes under the Bosphorus.


There will be 12 journeys a day in the Spanish made 6 wagon trains as follows:

Depart Ankara: 06:00, 08:50, 11:45, 14:40, 17:40, 19:00
Depart Istanbul (Pendik): 06:15, 07:40, 10:40, 13:30, 16:10, 19:10

Facts and Figures

Corridor length: 511 km
Tunnelling: 40.829 km (31 pieces)
The longest tunnel: 4.145 km (T36)
Viaduct: 14.555 km (27 pieces)
The longest viaduct: 2.333 km (VK4)
Bridges: 52
Underpasses and overpasses: 212 pcs
Culvert: 620 Pieces
Total Structures: 942
Excavation: 40.299.000m3

Each train can carry 419 passengers at a time consisting of 55 business class seats and 354 first-class, 2 handicapped, 8 are mounted in the cafeteria. Business class has leather seats.

More Information

Keep up to date with Turkish rail travel via the official TCDD website here.


  1. Congratulations!Besides the Spanish, what countries bid on this project? Will the government extend theis rail system as a private or goveernment-owned project?

  2. Hi. How can I travel from Kadikoy metro station or Marmaray to Sapanca by high speed train ??. how much the coast please round trip , I am retired.
    please reply me