Travellers using the international terminal at Dalaman Airport to depart from their visit to the popular Turkish resorts around Marmaris and Fethiye will find this little article on the cost of food and drink useful.

Dalaman Airport Food & Drink Price Survey

July 2013

A selection of Dalaman Airport food and drink prices in Turkish Lira compared with the British Pound for comparison.

Item Price (Turkish Lira) £ Exchanged at 3.30
Cheese Burger 31.00 9.39
Efes Lager 70cl 22.00 6.67
Two slices of pizza and a soft drink 31.00 9.39
Water 50CL 4.50 1.36
Coffee and a Cake 15.00 4.55
Tube of Pringles 19.00 5.76
Mars Bar 9.00 2.73
Crisps 9.00 2.73

Exchange rate as at 6 July 2014 – Cash rate via Post Office

Plan and Save

Our article Don't Let Your Last Taste of Turkey Leave a Hole in Your Pocket has some helpful tips to help you save money when passing through the airport.



  1. Dalaman is one of the most expensive airports I have ever been in apart from that it’s very dismal most airports have a certain buzz about them but Dalaman is just dreary you want to get out of it as soon as you can

  2. We love Turkey, we’ve been going since our kids were young and now we’ve just come back having taken my new grandson for the first time. It’s such good value for money EXCEPT at the airport where the prices are frankly rediculous. Outside the airport you could get a decent cooked lunch with drinks for what they charge for a basic sandwich, and if you start looking at the price of airport burgers, anyone who’s been to Turkey will know that the cost is conservatively triple what you would pay outside. I love the place, I love the people, but how can they justify these prices at the airport…. And don’t get me started on the lack of air conditioning at the airport..

  3. Most people going to turkey for their well earned holiday really love the place ( as do I ) and their last memories of the place are the most miserable, ignorant passport control staff they are ever likely to come across and the extortionate prices. Do the management not realise that if they charged fair prices they would send the holiday makers home much happier ( and likely to come back ) and sell much more and have more businesses wanting to occupy the vast empty spaces.

      • nope u got choice in Manchester airport I can get 750ml bottle from whsmith for £1 and u can get burger king meal for round £8 which is ok for airport in uk which not much different from high street in dalaman airport they about 10 times more then high street shops I m Turkish myself I agree dalaman airport losing lots business on prising policy I fly from Manchester u see all coffe shops busy in dalaman all emty why don’t they chance and get more custom and happy custumers and staff

  4. Never ever bought food here, only water which cost 9lira for two bottles and 50c in the resort shops,,,, always eat before we leave the resort and if then need buy snacks and drinks on the aircraft,,,,, I can remember only paying 1lira for water,,,, as said a very big rip off

  5. The problem is mainly that people have TL left over and it’s a bit useless in the UK so they spend it at the airport, and the airport knows this.

  6. The prices never will come down as long as there are people daft enough to pay nearly £10 for a cheese burger etc, there are ways round it, it’s not rocket science!
    As for the airport itself it is the most dismal place ever, all that plain boring, dark, dingy and depressing grey concrete, it’s horrendous! The first time I saw the new building I just assumed it wasn’t finished, all these years later I guess they think that’s a suitable look!
    However, Turkey, Kaya in particular, will always be my home from home, absolutely love it and it’s people.

  7. As a twice a year visitor to marmaris I to can relate to peoples frustration with the airport prices, especially when you’ve 3 kids and a hubby all wanting fed!. I go to marmaris and I know they offer airport packs for about 6-8 TL depending on time of year, most places have signs in the window telling you they offer this service, all they need is 24hrs notice and you get your choice of filling for the sandwich, juice, and cake. I’ve done this many times and would never pay airport prices again.
    Hope this helps, happy holidays I’ll be there in October!!.

  8. If every one stopped buying food and drinks at his airport and I mean every one then they MIGHT bring the prices down,,,,,,,,, take food through with you if required,,, but unfortunatly you cannot take drink through.
    We’d paid £46 for two persons in the CIP lounge in September as our flight was delayed for 2hours this was the best option,,, all drinks and food included and at least some where to sit in comfort and not on the floor.

  9. We were at Dalaman airport just a couple of weeks ago with our son, daughter n law and 3 young children, we did buy sandwiches before leaving the resort but our diluting juice for the wee ones bottles was taken from us, they are not happy with water and we ended up giving them fizzy canned juice at 9tl each + my son priced mcdonalds when we were delayed for an hour and no way was he ever goin to pay the price of £35 for them as a family, thinking they will get something on the plane BUT bcause of the delay or whatever reason the flight back had hardly any food to sell, glad we had sandwiches or our 3 grandchildren would have been really hungry

  10. Know what you mean about some of staff. Came back from holiday Oct. Hotel, shop, bus driver, were lovely to me, esp. as have mobility problems – bus driver made one guy move so I could sit near door. At airport guy pushing me and I were stopped. (He was a local). They decided I needed to be ‘swabbed.’ This was not a drugs stop either. They emptied my bag, swabbed my trousers. Hello, I had booze at lunchtime so they must have been able to smell it. Even my helper agreed that I didn’t look like Daeesh. Smelling of beer and vodka!

  11. Dalaman Airport has always been a total rip-off place regarding food and drink prices. Have been using it since 1994 & have only ever reluctantly bought water as you can’t take it in from outside. All airports are generally expensive but Dalaman Airport is on a different level of greed. The duty free shops try to get you to buy more alcohol and cigarettes than you are legally allowed to take int the UK. As others have said, this is a horrible way to treat people at the end of their holiday & is not going to encourage people to return.