A smart phone or tablet is a great travelling companion.

It offers entertainment, information, communication, productivity and something to keep you occupied when travelling to your holiday vacation destination.

And once there it can continue to look after you even more as we find out with our Top Five Free Holiday Apps for a Happy Break Abroad.

Top Five Free Holiday Apps

We have brought together five of the essential apps available for your device that we wouldn’t leave home to go on holiday without.

XE Currency Converter

The Fethiye Times pick of the top five free holiday apps to take with you on your vacation.
XE Currency Converter

Need to change cash in to a local currency or want to find out if that souvenir really is as good a value as the shop keeper says?

Then this app from the currency guys over at XE will help you out.

Simply add in the currencies you want converted, add in the figure and Kerr-Ching the sum is converted.

Now you really can get haggling in the bazaar and markets.

You will need to be online to get up to the second exchange rates.


Top Five Apps for a Happy Vacation
Accuweather is £,€,$ Free

Will it be sunny today? Do I need to take an umbrella because rain is forecast. Should I be careful sailing because a storm is forecast, what clothes should I take for my hike today?

The weather plays such an important part in our lives especially when we are on holiday so it makes sense to take a long a weather app with you.

But with so many to choose from which is going to be best for your holiday?

We find the app weather Accuweather a nice companion where ever we are.

There’s no need to type in where you are just push a button and it works it out for you.

And even better it lets you know what activities are best suited to the current weather, if the weather is good if you have allergies and it even makes a guess if the weather will make your hair frizz!

BBC iPlayer

Top Five Apps for a Happy Vacation
The BBC iPlayer App can download films and more

You are not be able to use BBC iPlayer outside the UK at the moment without some sly moves but you can download most programmes and store them for up to 30 days on your device.

This is great news for travellers and means they can watch downloaded programmes without the need for an internet connection.

Before you travel make sure you choose and download your programmes and then you can watch them on the plane, train or at your hotel without an internet connection.


Top Five Apps for a Happy Vacation
Stay organised with this great app

This app helps plan your travel arrangements and bring them all together in one place.

If you allow it, it will also scan your email account and pick up any reservations, flight bookings, car hire or other travel related information and pull it into a schedule for you.

It will also record the distances you have travelled and can be shared with friends and colleagues too if you feel inclined.

The latter is good if you want them to know where you are on a road trip or touring holiday.

Google Translate

Top Five Apps for a Happy Vacation
Not perfect but fun.

This app translates between 64 languages, and can deliver audio translations for some of those languages.

It doesn’t always get the translation right, but is probably the most comprehensive translation app out there and is great for very simple phrases and words.

The app could really make your holiday so much more fun allowing you to:

  • Haggle in the markets
  • Order food and wow the waiters….or make them laugh
  • Understand unfamiliar items in supermarkets
  • Sort out minor hotel problems quicker
  • Ask directions when wandering around town
  • Or just to have a chat.

We downloaded the app for the Apple iPad, as we have one, to see just how good it is to use on the move.

See our full review of Google Translate in our article – Google Translate your Turkish Holiday Mate.

Which Apps Do You Recommend?

Do you have a favourite app for a happy holiday vacation? If you do we would love to hear from you.

Please post them below and we will look at them and pick the best.