Today it’s Sevgililer Günü – Lovers’ Day – in Turkey. That’s Valentine’s Day (with or without the saint) in other parts of the western Christian world. This day has long been associated with romantic love but the history of this day dates back to pre-Christian times. Nowadays it is seen by many, rather cynically perhaps, as a commercial opportunity, associated with the buying of gifts, the selling of cards, flowers and candlelit dinners for two. We think that finding a beautiful place to tell someone you love them makes these words even more special.

Fethiye Sunset
Fethiye Sunset

Let’s celebrate love all year round!

Although 14th February has become a day of love, hearts and flowers, if you want to tell someone you love them, it doesn’t just have to be about splashing the cash. And it doesn’t only have to happen on 14th February either; any time of the year is the perfect time to tell those we love how amazing they and how much we love them. Nor does it just have to be about romantic twosomes… Why not tell your friends and family you love them too? Let’s celebrate love in all its wonderful diversity!

Top 5 places to say “I love you”

We think there few more dramatically beautiful places to tell someone you love them than in Fethiye. Here are our TOP 5 perfect places to say those words – although we are you will have your own memorable spot. As usual, our Top 5 are in no particular order.

On the summit of Babadağı

Top five places in Fethiye to say “I love you”

At the moment it’s a bit chilly at 1,969 metres (6,460 ft) above see level, so wrap up warm if you’re planning on going there at this time of year. Even if you do have your love to keep you warm. However, during the summer months, with some of the most incredible panoramas in Turkey, we can’t think of many better places to say, “I love you.”

Top five places in Fethiye to say “I love you”
Zirve Restaurant
Gliding into the sunset -Ölüdeniz

Thinking of popping the question?

Some people like to take the whole “I love you” thing to a new level by paragliding from the mountain and broadcasting their feelings not only to their darling but to the rest of the world too. Sometimes they even go a bit further – and pop the question!

Popping the question

On the beach at Ölüdeniz

Top five places in Fethiye to say “I love you”
Sunset in Ölüdeniz

For those who prefer to keep their feet firmly on the ground, Ölüdeniz beach is one of the most romantic beaches anywhere in Turkey, particularly early in the morning or at sunset.

Ölüdeniz in April

Go there when the beach is empty and there is nothing but the two of you and the sound of the sea…

Top five places in Fethiye to say “I love you”

Çalış at sunset

Top five places in Fethiye to say “I love you”
Çalış sunset – looking out over the bay and islands of the Gulf of Fethiye

The Gulf of Fethiye, with its bays and islands is awe-inspiring at any time of day, but at sunset it becomes unbelievably romantic. Watching the sun go down from the beach in Çalış it creates a heavenly setting for lovers of all ages to share their feelings.

Top five places in Fethiye to say “I love you”
Sunset at Çalış Beach

Sailing into the blue

Sailing into the blue from Fethiye

What better place is there to say “I love you” than on the warm turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. The calm waters, gently lapping against the hull of your gulet or yacht, seem to act like a magic spell, as you sail into the blue. Find a peaceful cove or bay and cherish those wonderful moments – together – while watching the sun set.

Top five places in Fethiye to say “I love you”
Watching the sun go down…

Kayaköy: a valley of memories

Top five places in Fethiye to say “I love you”
A special atmosphere at any time of day

The historic hillside town of Levissi, in Kayaköy, has its own remarkable magic. Walk hand in hand through the ruins and become entranced by the valley’s magic and mystery. To see the valley cloaked in mist, it’s worth getting up early but at any time of day has its own special atmosphere.

You’ll have to get up early for the misty panoramas

Whatever you do today and whoever you’re with, Fethiye Times wishes you 24 hours full of love.