For those of us who know and love Fethiye, there are some very special sounds to listen out for during the summer months in this part of the world.

Whether you prefer the sounds of the town or the countryside at night or the sounds of nature at work during the day.

We are sure there will be something to remind you of what you love most about this area.

Fethiye harbour by night
Fethiye harbour by night

These are the natural sounds of Fethiye during the summer.

So, whether you are here at the moment or not, we think these sounds will immediately take you to the Fethiye of your imagination, and remind you of what makes it so very special.

Of course, like all our Top 5 posts, you may have your own favourites sounds… but these are ours.

Turn up the volume

Make sure you have the volume turned up on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Close your eyes… and listen. You will feel you are in Fethiye even if you aren’t!

Noisy cicadas at Amintas:

Amintas Fethiye
Amintas Fethiye

The sound of the sea at Çalış:

Sunset at Çalış Beach
Sunset at Çalış Beach

Goats – doing what goats do – in Üzümlü:

Fethiye's goat herds
Fethiye’s goat herds

Busy bees near Kayaköy (making honey for you!):


Night time in the countryside:

Yayla: land of horses, camels and cool summer breezes

What are your favourite sounds that remind you of Fethiye?