Fethiye is in the middle of a long and very hot summer. So, its likely that even those of us who enjoy the sun will spend at least some of the time searching for ways to keep cool.

Not everyone enjoys the icy blast of air conditioning either, or can afford or want to pay the resulting large electricity bills.

Of course, you may love it when temperatures are pushing 40° degrees Celsius (that’s 104° Fahrenheit by the way) in the shade and find the balmy nights perfect… but if you sometimes need to chill, look no further.

Here are our Top 5 alternative ways for staying cool

As usual they are in no particular order… and if you have your own way to reduce the effects of the heat, please do share them with us By adding your comment in the section at the end of this article.

Take a hint from our four legged friends

  • Do nothing. Don’t move and certainly don’t rush around. Although we don’t recommend lying on the floor, it’s really up to you. Just stay as still as possible until the weather gets cooler…
Top 5 alternative ways to keep cool
Take a hint from our four legged friends…                                                                                                                                   Model: Mr Tom Bish

Cooling from the feet up

  • Sit with your feet in a bowl of cool water… also rinse your wrists and pulse points under a cold tap from time to time. The cooling effect on your body is surprisingly effective.

Add ice if you are really desperate.

the cold water technique
the cold water technique

Darkness is cool(er)

  • Open windows at night but close all curtains, blinds and shutters during the daytime (as soon as the sun comes up).


Move the air around

  • If you have ceiling fans check to make sure they are running anti clockwise during the summer months… This pushes the air down to create a cooling breeze.

The traditional approach

trad fans

The cooling power of technology

  • Of course there is the traditional variety to flutter but we have also come across some that plug into your smart phone… although how long the battery would last using one of these is anyone’s guess.

Do you have any alternative cooling ideas to share with us?