For more than ten years, Fethiye Times has been writing about why the beautiful Fethiye region should be at the top of your list of places to visit.

People who already come here because they know and love the town, as well as those already here, will tell you that this year is no different.

There are so many reasons why people should come to Fethiye we’ve had to create a series of articles.

Last week we published the first top 5 reasons, so here is the second…

As usual with our Top Five stories, they’re in no particular order and if you would like to add to them, please let us know.

Before we begin…

Just to remind you that Fethiye has a wonderful public transport system. It is easy to get pretty much anywhere by bus or dolmuş (minibuses).

To read more about how straightforward getting around in Fethiye is click here or go straight to our Fethiye Travel website here.

Something for history buffs

Amintas - Fethiye's famous rock tomb
Amintas – Fethiye’s famous rock tomb

There’s no denying it; Fethiye is full of history. Lycian tombs are scattered around the old part of the town and the rock tombs of Amintas provide a dramatic backdrop.

Then, up the road in Kayaköy there is the historic ruins of Levissi.

Kayaköy / Livissi
Kayaköy / Livissi

With an hour of the town centre there are the Lycian sites of Pınar, Xanthos, Patara, Oenianda, Cadianda – enough to keep any culture vulture going for a good while.


Further away, but still possible for a day trip, there is the awesome mountain site of Sagalassos and along the coast, one of the world’s more incredible cities of the ancient world – Ephesus and Aphrodisias.

Cadianda theatre
Cadianda theatre

Of course you don’t have to be a history buff to enjoy all this.

Something for culture vultures

Music and dance

It is impossible to visit Fethiye without becoming aware that behind the tourist facade there is a wealth of local culture, of which the majority of residents are justifiably proud.

Music and folk dancing runs through the blood of most Turkish people and Fethiye is no exception. Music and dance are in Turkish DNA.

IMG_3601In the town there are several Türkü Evi and on the shore in Çalış there are replica black goat hair oba (tents) as a reminder of Fethiye’s yörük roots. Further out of town, in Yanıklar there is a whole village devoted to Anatolian music.

Emre Davıoğlu, Mehmet Günay Eser at the Kayaköy Traditional Anatolian Music concert
Emre Davıoğlu, Mehmet Günay Eser at the Kayaköy Traditional Anatolian Music concert
Concerts, shindigs and more
Concerts, shindigs and more

At the beginning of the season there is a week long festival to celebrate music, art and literature.

fethiye times


Fethiye is the start of the Lycian Way, a trail of more than 500km that leads all the way to Antalya.

If you are looking for a place to get away from it all – this is it… but it is also a way of connecting with the real, traditional and very wonderful Turkey.

A group of walkers pictured by one of the helpful Lycian Way finger boards
A group of walkers pictured by one of the helpful Lycian Way finger boards

The whole of the Fethiye region is criss-crossed with clearly marked signposts but of course we recommend following some simple guidelines as this part of the world is vast, densely forested and pretty remote.

Fethiye has an abundance of pine forests - that are green all year found
Fethiye has an abundance of pine forests – that are green all year found



Whether you are looking for birds, bees or flowers, Fethiye has something for you and all of these are right on our doorstep.


And if you don’t fancy the country life you can find something even closer than that!

Something's fishy: Pelican pair take up residence in Fethiye



Of course, a spot of retail therapy is an essential part of any holiday and Fethiye has a wide selection of shops is several different settings to suit all tastes.

There is the Erasta AVM – shopping mall – new, bright and full of popular Turkish chain stores. However, it is also home to Fethiye Evi, a unique shop that only sells hand and homemade items and products,  every last bit as a result of Fethiye’s skilled and talented women. This shop supports local women and helps children and adults with mobility issues and disabilities.

Fethiye Evi: home made delights that support the local community

Head into town and there’s the original and still rather special Paspatur. This used to be the residential part of Fethiye but now is devoted to shops, bars and restaurants.

Paspatur street 1

If you are looking for something sweet after all that rushing around, there are some wonderful baklava shops in Fethiye. Our favourite is Ulaşlıoğlu.


Across the street from this baklava emporium and up a short connecting lane is the every day market of course.

closer to the sea is Dispenser Street, which also has a range of shops and eateries, including our favourite waffle shop! (all local ingredients by the way)


We haven’t finished yet! See you next week.



  1. We have lived here for almost 11 years and love it. At present in the UK for a holiday and it has been fantastic seeing the family again, but cannot wait to get back home to Fethiye.
    You don’t adopt a country, a country adopts you, and Turkey / Fethiye has adopted us.