The 2015 festive period is just around the corner and soon family, friends and others will be descending on the major resorts of Fethiye, Marmaris and Bodrum for the festive break.

Here are a few things you can do during time to make the most of the festive period.

Christmas in Fethiye

GO-DO FETHIYE – Wish Upon a Star

The sun kissed Mediterranean may not be the winter wonderland may people associate with Christmas, but with clear night skies it makes it great for star gazing.


So a get a nice fire pit going, find a comfortable chair and watch the twinkling stars.

If you are lucky and watching at the right time maybe you will see Santa as he passes over the area.

GO-DO FETHIYE – Visit the Real Home of Santa

Talking of Santa, St Nicholas, the original giver of gifts and the influence for our modern day Coca-Cola depiction of Santa Claus, was born in the nearby ancient town of Patara.

Read more about St Nic in our article Santa: A Life by Jeremy Seal.

Statue of Saint Nicolas by the Russian sculptor Gregory Pototsky, donated by the Russian government in 2000

Patara has wonderful Roman ruins some of which have been restored and the site is open all over the festive period.

Paragraph theatre

It’s just 5TL per person to enter or 3TL if you just want to visit the beach.

Thinsg to see and do on holiday in Fethiye - Patara

Feel free to clamber over the ruins, sing a festive song in the ancient theatre or walk to the ancient lighthouse and spy the beach and sea.

A bit further down the coast is Demre where you can visit the real home of Santa. Read more in our article Visit the Real Home of Santa This Christmas

EAT FETHIYE – Citrus Delights

The festive period should always feature the zest of citrus.

oranges and lemons

The orchards of Fethiye area are bursting with citrus over the festive period with oranges, lemons, grapefruit, mandarins and more.

Citrus for sale in Fethiye Market
Citrus for sale in Fethiye Market

Buy from market stalls for a few pence a kilo and load up on Vitamin C.

GO DO FETHIYE – Cool Runnings

The high mountains that form the backdrop to the Fethiye area should be covered in snow during the festive period.

A panorama of snow covered mountains from the Fethiye ring road
A panorama of snow covered mountains from the Fethiye ring road

Some of those mountains are almost 10,000 metres high. At that altitude the air is freezing and snow fall hangs around until spring.

The main road that passes through Uzumlu climbs up to the snow line when the weather is right providing a great chance to frolic in the snow.

Take a picnic and build a festive snowman!

EAT FETHIYE – Nuts and Crackers

Turkey produces some of our favourite festive snacks.

A wide variety of nuts, preserves, candied peel, warm drinks and other sweetmeats are available, home grown or produced and farmed in Turkey.


Shops, the market and roadside stalls will stock all your festive favourites so go flash some of your festive coin and stock up.


Don’t forget to pack your festive jumper, festive hat, scarf and coat before you leave home.

Whilst the days can be pleasantly warm in the sunshine, in the shade, under cloud or indoors it can be quite, well, chilly.

Some days temperatures will struggle to get into the mid-teens even when it’s sunny the short days mean the air may not warm up very much.

Arpacik/Nif for a winter barbecue
Arpacik/Nif for a winter barbecue

Don’t forget to slap on some festive sun cream as even the December sun can burn sensitive skin.


We hope you have a great festive break and have found our tips helpful.

Do you have any tips of your own? Please share them by leaving a comment below.