One of the great things about Fethiye is the number of things women can do to be pampered.

Being pampered isn’t exclusive to women so here are our top 5 pampering tips for men.

A close shave…


Ask men what makes a trip to Fethiye special and many of them will tell you that it’s the thrill (or is it fear) of sitting in a comfortable chair at one of the town’s barbers and having a traditional shave with a cutthroat razor.

Fethiye’s top five pampering tips for men

The lather, face massage, and shave with an old fashioned cutthroat razor, is only topped by the removal of whiskers in the nose and ears with a flick of a flame, conjured up by the barber from a sprig of cotton wool and a drop of cologne.

Fethiye's Top 5 pampering tips for men

To finish it all off there’s a splash of Turkey’s legendary lemon cologne – but that isn’t on fire! Now you’re ready to start the day!

Get a haircut!

Fethiye’s top five pampering tips for men

Don’t just have a shave… Fethiye’s barbers have not only mastered the art of the closest shave, ever, they also have world-class skills when it comes to a haircut.

Turkish barbers also excel at head massages, so no matter what your style you’re guaranteed to leave these temples to male pampering feeling totally indulged.

All scrubbed up

Top 5 pampering tips for men visiting fethiye

No trip to Fethiye is complete without a few relaxing hours spent at the original hamam (Turkish bath) in the centre of Paspatur, the original part of town.

Alternatively, many of the larger hotels have more modern versions. Either way, this has to be a unique experience for any visitor. It’s a great way to detox and get scrubbed up at the same time. It doesn’t stop there. Afterwards, you’ll relax with a glass of tea, wrapped from top to toe in towels.

The ultimate massage

While at the hamam why not have a full body oil massage? These will unlock even the tightest stress-induced shoulder muscles, drivers back or computer users neck.

A wonderful alternative to sitting in an office, don’t you think?

An alternative to the office!
Fethiye’s original hamam: a great alternative to the office!

Top it off with a meaty feast – kebab style

Top 5 pampering tips for men visiting fethiye
Işkender kebab

Meat is still considered to be a luxury in many parts of Turkey and when it is on the menu this carnivorous feast is really done in style.

Fethiye’s top five pampering tips for men
Tavuk (chicken) döner kebab by the sea

Whether it’s the delicious, and amazing value for money döner kebab, wrapped in a flatbread (durum), or as part of a luxurious spread with şiş kebabs or kebabs a metre long at one of the local köfteci, this will certainly be a feast to remember.

Fethiye's Top 5 pampering tips for men
Fethiye Eats – The signature dish – a 1 metre long kebab!

On a good day you could do them all!

Featured photograph: Turkish barbers by Filippo Manaresi