If, like us, you love Fethiye you’ll already know that there is a huge contrast between life in the town and the surrounding countryside. There are places to go where the silence is deafening and others where there is a constant racket. We think that Fethiye has many wonderful sounds to offer and, like the Fethiye fragrances we wrote about last week, different ones evoke their own unique place in our hearts and minds, even when we are far away.

Everyone has their favourite sounds but for us, those we hear in the town remind us that Fethiye is a busy tourism centre, but also with a life of its own. On the other hand, the sounds of the countryside, which haven’t changed for hundreds of years, are the ones we love the most.

Here is our top 5. We have kept each one short, just 30 seconds, but hope that you will enjoy listening to these little tastes of Fethiye as much as we do.

Morning on the beach…

FT top 5 fethiye sounds: pebbles on  the beach

Sitting on the beach at Çalış, Ölüdeniz, Kıdrak or Kabak listening to the waves on the pebbles … what better place is there to start the day?

Countryside in the evening…

FT top 5 fethiye sounds: village sounds

Goat bells, chickens and cockerels, cuckoos, donkeys, bees, dogs… You can almost feel the shadows lengthening as the sun slips behind the mountains at the end of another glorious day.

The Tuesday Market…

FT top 5 fethiye sounds: Markets

We love the Friday Farmers’ market but the constant noise and bustle of the vendors at the Tuesday Market as they try to attract another customer is something else.

Ezan: The call to prayer…

Then there is the call to prayer that echoes across Kayaköy five times every day.

Keçiler: Kayaköy
Keçiler: Kayaköy

Summer Cicadas…

What better sound is there to evoke those hot summer days? Lie back, close your eyes, relax and think of summer in Fethiye.

FT top 5 fethiye sounds: cicadas

What are your favourite sounds of Fethiye?

Do let us know what your favourite sounds are. We will be happy to share them.


    • Happy to know our stories about Fethiye reach to the other side of the world! Thank you for your kind comment, Liv.

  1. My favourite sounds of fethiye are the cicadas and call to prayer! Also tho not a sound, I know I’ve arrived in turkey when I smell the jasmine! Counting down the weeks until we get to turkey!

    • We love Jasmine too Alison. We could have probably written our Top 10 smells and sounds but thought we’d stick with 5 this time round!

  2. Thanks Jane

    Delightful and evocative.

    The cicadas and call to prayer.

    Brings it all back.

    Not much of either in Devon.