How would you feel if a stranger knocked on your door claiming to be the real owner of your place? Or you couldn’t sell because it seems you have no legal right of access to your home? Luckily there is help at hand.


These may seem like horror stories, but unfamiliarity with the property laws and processes in Turkey can mean that these risks are very real for foreign owners.

Unlike the UK, title ownership in Turkey is unlikely to be State guaranteed.

If a challenge to your ownership does arise, having to instruct a foreign lawyer and the time and expense this will involve, is not an attractive proposition. Litigation is expensive and the outcome is always uncertain.

When you bought your property did you ask your lawyer how much insurance for process mistakes he/she carried? It is often the case that continental lawyers have little or no insurance.

Typical risks covered by a policy from Intasure:

Somebody else claims to have an interest in your home, or ownership of your home is threatened due to fraud or forgery of documentation by previous owner(s)

Invalidity of documentation due to a false or invalid power of attorney

The sellers or a predecessors lender claims there is an unpaid mortgage secured on your home

You have no legal rights of access to and from any part of your home

Someone builds a structure which encroaches onto your land

Additional cover

The European Home Protection Policy also allows you further options for additional cover:

Cover for your Buyer

To help you with any future sale of your property the policy can be extended to cover your buyer.

Inheritance cover

The cover provided by the policy can be extended to include those who will inherit the property upon your death.

Inflation protection

The sum insured under the policy increases in line with any increase in your property’s value, subject to a maximum of twice the initial sum insured.

These additional options can be combined based on your individual needs.

Buying the policy

Buying a policy safely could not be easier and can be purchased in 5 simple steps:

1. Confirm your email address

2. Select any additional options required, input your property details, confirm that you can satisfy the assumptions

3. Accept the premium or start again

4. Confirm payment details (payment by card only)

5. Peace of mind over your overseas property

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Please note that this article does not advise you on which particular insurance policy to take out but acts as a prompt for you to review your own insurance cover.