If you live in Fethiye then a payment for Council Tax is due by the end of April.

Turkish people and foreigners owning land/property are legally required to visit the council (Belediye) at least once per year to pay their taxes.

This tax can be paid in two ways:

• The entire annual amount by the month of the end of April.

• Half to be paid by end of April with the other half being due by end of October.

The Council Tax for Fethiye consists of two taxes rolled into one payment. One part is for rubbish collection and the balance for all of the other services they carry out.

Unlike the UK no bills are sent out so you will need to make a note in your diary or check this website to find out when your payments are due.

You can find out how much you owe either by visiting the Council offices near the downtown Migros supermarket, or ringing.

Payments are only accepted in cash (no direct debits) and are payable at the Council Offices.

If you have your account number it will help but otherwise supply your address and confirm your name and they will tell you the number (they may ask you for your Tapu and passport to help them identifiy your property number but these are not necessary)

Go to the cash desk and make your payment and a receipt will be issued. You should retain that as proof of payment.

Joint Owners Pay Double

Note that the tax is based on the number of people who own the property and are listed on the Tapu (Deeds). So a couple who are joint owners and listed on the Tapu will pay twice the single person rate.


  1. Hi dear, I own a pent house in Akbuk since 2007 . I have got my tapu but the whole complex does not have the habitation certificate. Am I liable to pay council tax? Could you please send me an e-mail. Thank you. Kind regards Sabine

  2. Hi, I have been told that there is a new entertainment tax for 2014 .I have not heard of this tax and cannot find any information, can you clarify this. Our complex (according to our maintenance company) says we have to pay this tax . Our bar is an illegal build and is being demolished at the end of the season. I am wondering if this is a fine and not a tax.

  3. How can I find out how much I owe on my council tax can I find out on line, and pay from England has I want be going over to Turkey this year.