From today April 1st mobile phone units or kontors will change.

As a result of legislative changes all mobile phone operators in Turkey have been required to change how they charge for their services.

Up until yesterday units, or kontors as they are known in Turkey, were purchased to credit phone accounts.

But from now on all phone credit will be represented in Turkish Lira. So instead of buying 100 units for your phone you will from now on buy 10 Lira, 20 Lira etc.

If you already have a mobile phone account with credit on it there is nothing you need to do as the unit credits remaining will be converted to Lira.

Mobile phone companies will be texting their customers over the next few days to let them know there new account balances.

The changes should make it easier for phone users to understand the costs of the services they are using and also make it easier to compare the charges between rival providers.

Turkcell phones now receive a message after each call advising of the cost of the call and the credit remaining – all in Turkish Lira.