In our article titled “Crime Won’t Crack Itself – Time to Get Organised” we asked readers to get in touch if they had been burgled. Now we reveal the results.

In our article we asked the question “what is the real extent of the burglary problem and what can we do as a community to defend ourselves against this traumatic experience?”

Over 1,000 readers read the article we published but only 9 readers responded.

On one level that perhaps suggests there isn’t a burglary epidemic in the area.

But, on the other hand, how many people are motivated to fill out a survey?

In any case the survey has provided a number of important findings for all our readers who are concerned about securing their properties and protecting their families from the trauma of a burglary.

So what were the results of the survey?

In summary:

1. Access was gained in two cases via unlocked doors.

2. In 6 out of the 9 cases a door or window was forced open or glass was broken in a window because additional window locks had been fitted. None of these had security grills or bars fitted.

3. In 1 of the 9 cases bars were fitted but wrenched open. The property was unoccupied at the time.

4. All burglaries occurred in the early hours of the morning or towards dawn when darkness provided cover for the burglars.

5. Some of the respondents disturbed the burglar in their home – usually waking up to investigate a noise – all were petrified!

6. The majority called the local police or Jandarma with varying degrees of success. In one case the call was cut off because of a lack of Turkish from the victim. In another case the police failed to sign a report meaning the person couldn’t claim on their insurance.

7. Some people didn’t report the burglary to the Police/Jandarma because they didn’t intend to claim off their insurance.

8. All respondents were grateful that we are taking an interest in this important subject.

We would like to thank everyone who responded to the survey.

Key Issues

Two key issues that emerge from the survey:

1. Inadequate property security against burglary either physical or through practice e.g. locking doors, fitting or adequate security.

2. A problem with contacting the security services after the event because of language difficulties.

We will be publishing articles in the next few weeks giving you tips and pointers to help you with these two important issues.