According to emails we have received and conversations the level of burglaries in our area now seems to be reaching epidemic proportions. But what is the real extent of the problem and what can we do as a community to defend ourselves against this traumatic experience?

Fethiye Times has been receiving a steady stream of emails from foreign residents whose homes have been burgled. Many of the people are not only shocked by the experience but are also, after reporting the crimes, left confused and concerned about what is being done to detect and bring the criminals to justice.

Have you Been Burgled? Let Us Know

But just how bad is the situation? Is it an epidemic? Is it just the foreigners being targeted? Are foreign properties seen as a soft touch and a cash cow?

To find out some of the answers we would like to hear from you if you have been burgled in the last 6 months.

A list of questions can be found in the survey below.

Crime Won’t Crack Itself – Time to Get Organised

Fethiye Times can’t crack this problem alone but it can help bring you, the community, together.

So we are looking for people who have suitable experience in the crime prevention/home security field or who are interested in making our area a safer place to live in to contact us.

As a group you will then be able to not only present a credible voice to the authorities but also be able to help our community (Turkish & foreign) to get organised in the fight against burglary.

If you think you fit the bill please send your details to and we will be in touch.


Please email us with the following details. You can copy and paste this into your email and append your answers:

  • The location of your property:
  • Date(s) of Burglary:
  • Time(s) of Burglary: (24 hour clock)
  • Method of entry e.g. window forced, glass broken, through roof access:
  • Were you in the house at the time of the crime?
  • If you were in the house did you disturb the burglar?
  • If you did disturb the burglar what was the outcome?
  • Value of items stolen: (Turkish Lira or GBP)
  • What security do you have in your home e.g. bars on all doors and windows, alarm etc?
  • Did you notify the Police or Jandarma: Yes/No
  • Did they visit you?
  • Did you receive feedback later?
  • Are you insured? Yes/No
  • Has your insurance paid out?
  • Any other information or comments:

Don’t Wait For It To Happen to You!

In the meantime please read our comprehensive list of security tips here and help keep the burglars at bay.