Modern uPVC windows and doors may look secure but thieves can easily overcome their weak locking systems gaining access to your place. But how can you secure them without fitting iron security bars?

But for the sake of a few Lira and a bit of elbow grease you can lock them down.

UPVC windows in Turkey are designed to open inwards rather than outwards as in the UK. This coupled with sometimes weak locking systems makes them an easy target for the thief gaining access to your home.

A crow bar or even a big screwdriver can quickly pop open a window or door.

So how can you lock down your windows without fitting iron bars or screwing the things shut?

Well one way is to fit window locks.

These devices, fitted either in pairs or singly, are mounted onto the inside frame of your existing doors and windows and when turned through 90 degrees offer an additional measure to stop them being opened from the outside.

If you have a drill and a screw driver you should be able to fit them yourself.

You can pick up these locks from many of the uPVC window suppliers and hardware stores in town. Prices will of course vary but the BIM supermarkets were selling them this week at the bargain price of just 4.50 TL per lock.

Of course a determined thief could probably still gain access even with these locks fitted but not without making significant noise. The opportunist thief would more than likely just move on.

But when it comes to security ‘every little helps’.


  1. Interesting topic, we were broken into when we were at our property in Uzumlu in 2010 and was surprised how easy the burglar entered the property. After informing the Jandarma we took remedial action with regards to security including the fitting of window locks, one of the best options offered by a Turkish friend was in all aspects cheap and nasty but a rather effective way of securing patio doors, this was to drill holes at top and bottom corners then using a 6 inch eye bolt doors cant be lifted/forced without making a lot of noise. At the time the local Jandarma had an English speaking officer and our report was handled promptly before flying back to the UK.