Confused by your Turkish electricty bill and wondering what all those figures mean. We explain in our guide when your meter will be read, show how the bill is calculated via our translated picture and suggest some ways to save money.



Turkish electric bills are complicated little things full of twists and turns, taxes, levies and more.

The first of our series of guides aims to help you understand how your bill is calculated and how you may be able to save some money by using your electrical items in a smarter way.

So get your calculator and pen and paper ready and learn all about your electricity bill.

Monthly Reading

Electric meters are normally read monthly although the exact timing can vary depending on a number of factors – workload, presence of a dog on a premises deterring the meter reader etc.

In fact the bill we have used in our example is less than a month!

The meter reader will call at your property, read the meter and leave a small slip of paper – your electricity bill or “Electrik Fatura Bildirmi” in Turkish.

If you have a modern digital meter all the meter reader has to do is point his hand held scanner at the meter and it will transmit the data saving any transposition of figure if it had been read manually.

If you have an old style meter the meter reader will have to enter the figures manually with the threat that he may transpose figures leading to a potentially higher or lower bill!

No Standing Charges

The good news is that there’s no standing charge to pay so if you don’t use any electricity there’s nothing to pay.

A Translated Bill

So what does the electricity bill show and how is the charge calculated?

We have translated a normal bill and you can see it by downloading a pdf file at this link.

The sheet explains how the bill is laid out and the cost calculated.

Id you can download the file then you will need to update your version of Adobe Acrobat.

Save Money

In the next part of this guide we’ll look at how the three tariff system could save you money.

Click here to go to  Understanding your Electricity Bill – The Three Tariff System


  1. I like that you have translated the electricity bill in English. I was wondering if you will be translating the new electricity bill into English.

    Thank you,

  2. Can two people be on one electricity bill in Turkey? I am with Aydem and I want to add my husband to the electricity bill.

    • Thank you for your question to Fethiye Times.

      You will need to go to your local Aydem office and they will tell you what you need to do.

      Kind regards

  3. To change name on electricity bill you need an old bill for the reference number your tapu and your dask it will cost approx 200 tl