Turkish electricty bills are difficult to understand but we aim to clarify that by explaining how the tariffs work, the times they are applicabkle and how you can save money by planning some of your usage. We also explain how you can find your up to date charges on line.

Meter Lingo

The 3 tariff system is available for standard domestic customers with a modern digital meter.

The names of the tariffs and the times they are applicable are as follows (Correct as at March 2010):

Gunduz – The day rate 06:00 to 17:00
Puant – Peak  17:00 to 22:00
Gece – Off peak 22:00 to 06:00

The unit price of electricity varies depending on the time of day with the Peak rate the most expensive and Off peak the cheapest.

Unit Rates

However, because of the way the bill is constructed the final cost per unit is more than just that shown on the face of the bill.

Taking into account the unit rates, distribution, transmission and other unit charges from our bill as well as the taxes apportioned our total unit rates are as follows:

January 2009

Gunduz (Day) – 24.0 krs

Puant (Peak) – 34.9 krs
Gece (Off Peak) – 16.1 krs

Your costs will depend on the total units consumed but they do give you an idea of the gross cost per unit.

As we can see in the picture right using the off peak rate is over half the cost of peak!

Save Money by Timing Your Use

Knowing this information you can plan how you use your electricity and save money.

So, for example, it makes sense to run your washing machine and dishwasher after 10pm rather than before.

In our next article we’ll look at how to calculate the electricity usage of your appliances and other electrical things.

Check Your up to Date Prices

TEDAS, the Turkish electricty body, publishes the latest electricty prices on their web site here.

Once on the site:

1. Click on the “2009 yılı Tarifeleri” link

2. Then click on the next “2009 yılı Tarifeleri” link

If your web browser comes up with a certificate warning (Continue to this website (not recommended)), as ours did, just click to allow it to proceed.

You’ll need Microsoft Excel or the Microsoft viewer available from the Microsoft website to see the tariffs.

Look down the list until you find the tariff name that matches that on your bill.

Ours is ‘Kent Mesken’ but yours may be different.

You can then check the various rates.

Note that TEDAS now has the option to increase rates on a monthly basis so make sure you check the TEDAS website regularily.

The electricty supply and meter reading for Mugla are the responsibility of a company called Aydem.

More Tips

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