Turkish electricty bills are difficult to understand but we aim to clarify that by explaining how to calculate how the cost of running electrical appliances.

Ok, so get you calculator and pen at the ready…..


Most electrical items include a sticker showing the power consumption. Look for the figure of watts used. For example on the side of our small air con unit it says 900 watts.

This means the air con uses 900 watts of electricity every hour.

To calculate how much that costs to run we need to do the following calculation:

First we need to convert the 900 watts into Kilowatts because each unit of electric is charged in that way so:

900 watts / 1000 = 0.90 kilowatts

Next we multiply that by the unit charge e.g.

0.90 x 0.24 krs per unit day rate = 0.22 krs per hour

Next we need to work out how long we have it on per month – say 4 hours per day for 30 days = 120 hours:

120 hours x 0.22 krs = 25.92 TL

But if you have a 3 tariff electricity meter the costs will vary depending on the time of day.

Peak / Off Peak

If you ran the same appliance just in the peak period it would cost 37.70 TL but if you ran it in the off peak period it would drop to 17.38 TL.

Below we have set out a few examples of the costs of running various electrical things at different times per hour and per 24 hours.

So now you can work out just how much running certain electrical items costs and identify where you can save money by thinking when and if you use them.


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