When workmen came in to do some odd jobs around the house who knew what would follow?

We’ve received reports of 10 burglaries in the last month from Expats and Turkish  homes in Fethiye ranging from Karagozler through to Calis.  Is nowhere safe? Well, this story at least has a happy ending thanks to the quick reactions and the Fethiye Boys in Blue!

When workmen came in to do some odd jobs around the house who knew what would follow?

Fethiye Times readers Ann and Don recently had workmen visit their house near Calis to extend their wardrobe and do a few jobs.  When Ann went upstairs to check their progress she was surprised to see one of her necklaces on the sideboard when she knew it should have been in the jewellery box.  The boss said he had picked it up off the floor, but when she looked in the box, it was clear that it had been rifled through and there were other items were missing. Acting quickly Ann hastened to one of her Turkish neighbours who rang the police. The news spread quickly and soon all the neighbours were round to lend their support.

In no time at all an unmarked police car, three other police cars and a huge police van drew up, “it was like a movie scene!” said Ann.  The detective recognised one of the workers and questioned him. Meanwhile the other police officers were checking the area and one found a bracelet in the next door neighbour’s garden.  A neighbour called Ann over and told her that he had seen the ‘worker’ go to the truck and put something in the back – he was watching them because the truck was obstructing the road and he thought the worker was going to move it.  “One of our Turkish neighbours told the police officer the story and next they started searching the truck where they found three necklaces and a ring!” exclaimed Ann.

Everyone was then taken to the police station to give statements. Two hours later they were all completed with a great deal of help from their neighbour. Ann said, “we felt sorry for the boss of the workmen as he had only employed the young lad a couple of days before on the recommendation of the boy’s father (who owned a jewellery shop)”.

The thief was only 15 and was already known to the police, as he had been caught for a similar offence before, but as in the UK, they couldn’t lock him up because of his age.

“The police were very happy to bring the situation to an early conclusion and were very nice” Ann later told Fethiye Times. She also said “it was really great the way everyone rallied round, especially our neighbours, as it took up most of their day”.

Well done to quick thinking and cool headed Ann and her neighbours we say! Make sure you take precautions against theft and burglary, see our article for ideas, and keep your eyes open!