Burglars are targeting areas of Fethiye and Ovacik again but now in more daring ways.

A spate of burglaries in Fethiye and Ovacik remind us that we need to be vigilant and secure our stuff this summer.

In central Fethiye last Sunday lunchtime a third floor apartment was burgled in broad day light. The steel front door was forced open with a crowbar and the burglars made off with cash and jewellery. It is believed that the burglars had been monitoring the movements of the occupants of the apartment block and waited until Sunday knowing that they would be out for the day.

In Ovacik burglars have been targeting properties near to the petrol station and the area on the edge of the village. Several properties have been targeted and cash and small valuable items stolen. Items of garden furniture have also been going missing in other parts of the village.

One Ovacik reader has reported that they believed they were nearly victims of a day light robbery recently. The front door of their property was ajar and one of the owners was in the hallway near to the door and the other in the kitchen. Two girls approached the property and came into the house, When they were confronted by one of the owners they said they were very thirsty and wanted a glass of water.  Fortunately the owner in the kitchen was able to bring the water so that the girls were not left unattended. However, while they were waiting they appeared to be having a good look around the place. Later that day a burglary took place at a nearby property and the two girls, who had asked for the water earlier in the day, were seen with an older man wandering around the area.

So be sure to secure your property adequately even though it’s tempting to leave doors and windows open in the hot weather. Also be wary of strangers at your door and people acting suspiciously as they could be trying to distract you whilst someone gains entry through an open door or window out of sight.

If you are on holiday make sure you secure your accommodation as you would in the UK and don’t leave things to chance.

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