The wet weather over the last few days is a timely reminder to check property for leaks before the really heavy stuff arrives in November.

Our Fethiye Times storm calendar notes that November has had some newsworthy gales and heavy rain during the the past few years. October may have already brought some showers but they are very light in comparison to what lies ahead.

So now, while it is calm and relatively dry, is the time to get those winter property checks and repairs carried out before its too late.

New homes are most at risk from leaks as the winter rains are the first time many will have been tested for water tightness.

The construction of many roofs isn’t as good as UK building standards so as a result they may leak.

For all properties the strong sun and heat in the summer can force flashing to expand and contract creating cracks that let in water when it rains.

But it’s not just roofs that need to be checked.

  • Check your roof tiles – replace missing, loose or broken tiles and fix leaks before they ruin walls, floors or furniture.
  • Perched on the roof they often forgotten about but solar water systems should be checked to ensure they are secure so they can withstand strong winds.
  • Check outside storm drains in and around your property and clear any debris.
  • Check guttering for leaks and blockages.
  • Check windows and doors are secure and weatherproof. Re-apply silicone sealant if it has gone hard or cracked.
  • Paint is the only protection for most properties against water ingress so patch peeling paint on walls. It will also prevent further damage to the paint.
  • Re-grout patios and coping stones on balconies that have cracked in the summer heat to stop water ingress.

During and after storms check for damage and water ingress and make repairs where necessary.

If you leave your property vacant in the winter it’s a good idea to get it checked periodically to make sure leaks or storms haven’t caused any damage.

Water ingress over the winter can ruin furniture, floors and cause structural damage in some cases.