If you only have  small amout of stuff to bring why not go the excess baggage route and have it imported by air freight.

Excess Baggage – An Alternative

Importing everything including the kitchen sink is, as our other contributors have highlighted, expensive, complicated and uncertain. However, if you are prepared to limit what you bring in you could go the Excess Baggage route. One of our contributors did just that. They used a professional company and had a great service. It was cost effective too at around £2.80 a kg for air freight its much cheaper than the £4 you’ll be charged by the charter companies. However, there is a minimum weight and a flat fee charge too. Do the maths and compare prices.

If your excess baggage is delivered to Dalaman Airport you will need to collect it before 17:00 otherwise the customs will be closed and you will need to go through more red tape to pick up your stuff. To avoid additional import duties, don’t bring in any electrical items – Turkish customs don’t seem to have caught up with recent trends in cheap electrical goods and still see them as a luxury.

Please note the prices will have increased since this article was originally published.