It’s great shopping but make sure you make the right decisions now and you’ll appreciate your stuff into the future.

White Goods Generally

Imported white goods will be more expensive due to import duties. However, there are a number of good Turkish made appliances available with long warranties. Arcelik and Beko are well respected brands. It generally follows that quality improves with price. Shop around for the best prices as they do vary greatly.

Nearly all shops will include same day delivery and installation in the price. However, the supermarkets that sell white goods will expect you to transport the items yourself – not easy if you buy a large fridge and need to take it up 3 flights of stairs! Factor this into your price comparisons.

There is a healthy repairs business here where most appliances can be fixed for a reasonable cost.

Cookers are generally gas hob and electric oven either combined or split depending on your requirements. Gas hobs run off bottled gas that is placed either inside a cupboard near to the cooker or outside if you are safety conscious. All electric cookers are available but are not preferred by locals because of the possibility of power cuts and the cost of electricity.

Fridges are essential especially when the heat of the summer arrives. Buy the biggest fridge you can afford as you’ll keep it loaded with cold drinks and salad in the summer. Prices range from 500 YTL for a standard 2 meter high fridge to over 1,000 YTL for a no frost type.

Washing Machines – Same as Northern Europe. Prices from 400 YTL upwards.

Dishwashers are as Northern Europe and prices range from around 400 YTL upwards.

Small Appliances – Same as Northern Europe. Plenty of cheap Chinese imports to fill your kitchen. The editor has found that slow cookers and expresso coffee makers are not available here so its worth bringing these items with you.



Buying your furniture is a very important part of getting your home set up. Buy the wrong stuff and you’ll live with it for years, but buy right first time and you’ll save money and feel much better.

A good rule of thumb is to budget for around £1,000 per room for furniture, lights, carpets, rugs and curtains.

There is no Ikea in Fethiye yet, although an enterprising business is now offering a shopping service from the popular shop in Izmir, so you’ll  probably need look at what’s available locally. There are basically 3 options for furnishing.

1. Buy pre-made from one of the large furniture shops

There are numerous local and national furniture shops in Fethiye. Styles are different to Northern Europe so you may find getting what you want difficult. However, some shops may allow you to specify colours and the material type of sofas.

2. Go to a discount shop (spot shop) to buy furniture

They have a limited selection of lower priced furniture. Quality may be different to the larger shops but it depends what quality you are looking for.

3. Commission a carpenter or furniture maker.

This option is probably the best if you have a specific look and feel of furniture in mind. Getting your furniture made is cheaper than you might think. However, be aware that wood quality varies greatly especially the pine. Local pine is prone to splitting so furniture made will likely split too. A good carpenter/furniture maker will tell you this and advise of alternatives. There are many furniture makers around and many will build using pictures from catalogues you provide as long as the dimensions are clear. Go on recommendation from people you know. Pay a deposit but don’t pay the whole bill until you are completely satisfied.


There are many curtain shops around in Fethiye and many will come out to your house, measure up, make, and hang the curtains in a few days. The are a vast range of materials to choose with prices to match. In any case, shop around and remember if you don’t speak Turkish to take someone who does or find a shop where they speak English well. It’s easy for shop assistants to guess the style you want because they don’t fully understand. Tastes are different in Turkey. Pay a deposit but don’t pay the whole bill until you are completely satisfied.


Again there are many shops selling light fittings in Fethiye. The Turkish love lights in their house – the more the better. However, you may find some of the styles a bit ‘old fashioned’. There are some contemporary styles in shops but you will pay more for these because they are rarer and catering for the foreign market. Most shops will fit the lights as part of the price. Negotiate a discount if you plan to fit them yourself. It’s also worth negotiating light bulbs in the deal as well.

Make sure all lights are fitted securely – see the  Earthquakes page for reasons.