A Fethiye Times reader has experienced a power spike so great that it set their fridge on fire.

The power spike, a surge of electricity of over 400 volts, hit the unlucky readers home late last week. This is the second such spike in 6 months. When the spike reached electrical appliances attached to the mains it literally blew them up. Light bulbs popped, fuses melted and, most worryingly, the fridge caught on fire. Expensive computer equipment was also damaged.

These spike can occur for a number of reasons, lightening striking your property or nearby electrical cables, faulty electrical equipment on your home circuits or problems with the main power supply from the national generator.

In the event that the surge has resulted from the electricity company you should contact them to make a claim. A letter must be written detailing the time and date of the occurrence and the items damaged and their value. The letter can be handed to the TEDAS offices or left at the FETAV who will hand it to them on your behalf. TEDAS will then pass the letter to its investigation team in Mugla. If it is found that TEDAS were responsible for the damage they will pay compensation.

You can protect yourself against such events by fitting surge protectors. These protectors (see picture) often take the form of an extension cable block but with all the special protection in built.

You should use one on all sensitive electrial items such as computers, fax, telephones and TV/ Sat receivers.

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