THE TAX OFFICE (Maliye) has started to check up on some of the foreigners that have purchased properties in the Mugla region.

Tax inspectors have been calling door to door recently on selected properties in the Fethiye, Oludeniz, Hisaronu and Ovacik areas asking residents to confirm if they own property and how much they paid and when. They also want to know how the owner purchased the property, whether privately or through and estate agent. Several foreign residents have contacted The Mugla Post expressing their discomfort over visits from the tax-man that they feel are intrusive and unfair; although the tax officials concerned speak excellent English and are apparently at pains to be polite and helpful.

Turkish owners of estate agencies in the area have also expressed their annoyance at the visits saying that the season is slow enough without them adding to the problems.

As well as investigating property sales prices the tax-man is also on the lookout for people renting out their properties as holiday homes and declaring the correct income gained for taxation purposes. A Turkish Real Estates Federation spokesperson appearing on national TV station NTV commented that tax investigations of this type are quite common and that nobody should be concerned unless they have broken the law.

More details about taxation and the penalties for evasion can be found at the Turkish Consulates excellent website at the link below.