Don’t be led up the garden path….follow our guide and get the heads up on the processes in Turkey.

Buying Process

The key points to buying are as follows:

  • Agree the sale and conditions – the deal.

  • Prepare a comprehensive purchasing agreement with all the requirements, break clauses and payment triggers. This must be notarised in to Turkish and vice versa.

  • Payment of Deposit. Non refundable so limit the amount you pay in case of later difficulties.

  • Setting up a power of attorney with clear instructions on span of responsibilities to deal with the sale if you will be away. Cancellation at the end of the deal.

  • Carry out all relevant checks – land ownership, debts outstanding, legally built etc.

  • Monitoring your agents actions. Get regular reports and ask for accounts to track your money through bank accounts and any subsequent interest accrued.

  • Appointment of a solicitor is not compulsory but if you choose to appoint check they are registered and get price quotes.

  • Application to the Title Deeds Office Registry Office for the transfer of ownership. The office will check with the military to make sure the property isn’t on any military land. This takes around 4 – 6 weeks.

  • Title deeds are transferred to you. Payment of the balance is made subject to contract retentions.

    Need a Second Opinion?

    The Turkish Governments’ website contains information in English about purchasing land and property in Turkey:

    Click here

    Source: TAPU ve KADASTRO GENEL MÜDÜRLÜĞÜ [ kurumsal web sitesi ]

A great site has been developed by the Turkish Consulate in the UK to inform potential purchasers of the general processes of buying real estate in Turkey. We recommend that you study this in detail and bring a printed copy with you when you come to buy and make any deals. The site can be found here. You can also get other information by following the link in the box opposite.


Why Use an Agent?

Because they have the experience and knowledge to complete your sale. The man from the bar you drink at may be your best friend, he may promise you a ‘special’ price, but where will he be when you need to find out where your deeds have got to? The agent should be knowledgeable about the local plan, building regulations, permits and be able to make you a cast iron buying contract. And, the agent is your equivalent of the solicitor in UK as he is the person who carries out your conveyance.

Are the agents competent and regulated?

In Fethiye agents must hold a certificate of competence. This certificate should be on the wall of their office and shows that they have completed a course. However, it doesn’t mean that they are registered as an estate agency with the Chamber of Trade or tax office, that their activities are monitored or that you have any recourse to a trade body for the resolution of problems.. So, we would suggest that you get a second opinion and always check building permissions, maps and tapus with the right authorities and the Architects Association.

Do I Need a Survey?

If the building is a brand new property and has the living permission and deeds to show it is a dwelling and not land then you can be pretty sure that its up to current standards. For older properties it may be worth employing a surveyor to check the property to make sure it doesn’t have any hidden problems. Your estate agent may be able to advise you of surveyors in the area.

Are you buying on a Cooperative?

Information can be found here.