A brief look at the summer 2006 property scene in some of the resorts.

A brief look at the summer 2006 property scene in some of the resorts.


On the south coast Antalya is a big, brash and busy commercial city and although the surrounding resorts of Kemer, Belek, Side and Alanya are much more sophisticated and attractive the temperatures in this area are usually around 10 degrees higher than the resorts of Fethiye, Marmaris and Bodrum which lie on the northern side of the high mountains that divide them from the Antalya region.

In the high summer months Antalya and all points south can be very humid and almost unbearable for some northern Europeans. Holiday homes or all year round properties abound and there is a wide range of styles, prices and locations to choose from.


Moving north along the coastline and taking the main resorts in order: Fethiye is some four hours drive from Antalya and is a mature resort, but development has spread over a vast area and is still continuing. The English have moved there in force over the years and the second-hand property market is very lively. Fethiye also benefits from being just a one hour drive from the nearest winter snow ski-resort and is home to the world famous beach/lagoon resort at Oludeniz.


A small but delightful yacht marina/port location, not too big and not too many tourists.  Property is more expensive and a few Europeans have bought homes here to live year-round. 


Next stop is Dalaman, Sarigerme and the airport.  The huge new international terminal at Dalaman airport is now completed, as is a new tunnel reducing the journey time to Fethiye to less than an hour. Around Dalaman a vast area of coastal land has been designated by the Government as an official ‘Tourism Development Area.’ There are plans for golf courses, new marinas, apartment complexes, private villas etc.  According to the Government development will be zoned into seaside hotel areas, inland living areas, commercial areas and so on. Land here at the moment is ‘going for a song’ and it could be a very smart move to snap up property or land quickly.


Then comes Dalyan which is an inland resort on a river waterway leading from a huge inland lake to the sea.  It’s very picturesque and steeped in history with ancient tombs set into the hillside overlooking the harbour.  A half hour boat ride through the bullrushes will take you to the huge natural, sandy ‘Turtle Beach’ and the sea.  Popular with buyers who want to ‘get away from it all’ Dalyan properties are reasonably priced but be prepared to be fairly isolated especially in the winter months.


Situated beside the inland lake that leads to Dalyan, it’s about six miles from the sea and links to Dalyan via the inland waterways.  Unlike any other resort along the coast, it maintains its Turkish charm whilst attracting many European visitors although very few British.  The outskirts of the town are dominated by large villas in comfortable grounds which at the present time seem to be on offer for very keen prices.


At the junction with the Marmaris turn off and just 50 minutes from the airport lies Gokova. Some of the scenery in this area is breathtaking and although there are some small resort towns here, like Akyaka, this is another of the areas earmarked for tourism development and a new golf course.  This could definitely be an upcoming area to invest in land and possibly have your own custom-built home here.


Then we come to Marmaris and the satellite resorts of Icmeler and Turunc. There are a vast array of facilities including huge supermarkets, shopping malls, three state-of-the art marinas and endless sports and social activities in the Marmaris area. Many Europeans (not just the British) have made it their home year round.  Unfortunately it is also the most expensive stretch of the Aegean/Mediterranean coastline.


The town of Datca, north of Marmaris on the Datca peninsular, is particularly picturesque and there are many village location properties to be had at a good price.  Access though is via twisty mountain roads from Marmaris and it makes the location some 2-3 hours drive from Dalaman airport.


To the north are the towns of Bodrum, Altinkum and Kusadasi served by Milas/Bodrum airport. These resorts have benefited from cheap land prices promoting heavy development.

Holiday homes abound and there is a high density of mixed nationality European expatriates living full-time in and around the Bodrum peninsula. Ongoing development, especially inland behind the resorts, is giving rise to a wide choice of property in all price ranges.