According to one English language newspaper the system of changing property deeds from land to a building has now been eased.

One of the common complaints from foreign owners of Turkish new property is that the builders don’t always complete the necessary paper work required to make their property ‘legal’.

In fact many owners don’t even realise their paperwork is incorrect and that they need to obtain an ‘occupancy permit’ from their local council and that they then need to change their property deeds from land to building.

Property owners were first alerted to these requirements earlier this year when news spread that owners without the correct property deeds would be fined if they didn’t complete the process.

This led many owners to discover not only that the system of changing the deeds was costly and complicated but also, in some cases, that there were ‘anomalies’ with their current deeds.

But according to Voices Newspaper of Didim a recent law change will ease the way and save money for property owners who need to change their deeds.

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