Using your PC a phone can be a cost effective way of keeping in touch with others.

Phone Calls by the Internet

Connect via your own residential line, ADSL or internet cafe and you can use MS Messenger or similar programme to communicate to others all over the world via the internet.

Talk Via Your PC – Skype

The FREE Skype software programme can also be used via a PC to speak with people and can now also dial through to land lines all over the world for a charge. Call charges are very low and the quality is really good. We use it to communicate to people in UK with great success and for around 1.5p a minute its a bargain compared to normal telephone rates of 10p per minute and upwards.

The only problems we found with the program was trying to pay for the service via Skype’s money handler – Moneybookers – it was cumbersome and over secure. Still we got there in the end. Also sometimes there is a delay between you speaking and the other end receiveng, this is remedied by having a faster connection speed.

Click the picture for more information about Skype (external site).

Your computer will need a microphone and speakers, consider buying the complete headset.