All unregistered mobile phones will be taken off the Turkish mobile network as of Dec 14 unless users take action now to register them with Turk Telecom.
The government has issued a warning to the
12 million unregistered mobile phone owners in Turkey that they need to register their phones if they want to make calls after the 14 December. A new law was passed earlier this year to stem the tide of illegal, stolen or otherwise smuggled phones that denies the government much needed tax revenues.

A warning message should have be sent to each ‘illegal’ phone. However, given the number of texts sent out by providers and foreigners lack of Turkish language skills we assume most warnings will have been deleted.

Users of unregistered phones must pay 5 YTL (£2.00) to have their phones registered so they can continue to make calls.
Facing the cost of buying a new handset most users will probably pay the money to stay in touch.

Many foreigners living in or visiting Turkey use mobile phones bought in their own country but put Turkish bought SIM cards in them. This saves the huge expense of roaming charges from their own country line provider and gives them a local Turkish number. However, these users will need to register their phones too.

To check if your phone is affected type in “*#06#” and then go to and input the number. “Kayitli” means Registered, “Bulunamadadi” not registered.

We understand that payment must be made to Turk Telecom in Fethiye but that office seems unaware of the requirement. So, if you have any other information please let us know.