More regulation on mobile phones brought into Turkey.

The Government has announced that it will reimpose a limit on the number of mobile phones that can be brought into Turkey as gifts. The law used to allow one phone can be brought in by a person landing in Turkey at a border, port or airport r.egardless of how many times they came in. However, government figures show that over 60,000 phones were brought in as gifts in the past year. According to the Government this is distorting the Turkish market and undermining home sales of phones.

In September a limit of 4 phones brought in as gifts per year was imposed, but this has now been changed again. The new limit will allow only 1 phone to be brought in under personal belongings per visit. This will be exempt from duty.

Of course, once the phone is in the country it won’t work until it’s been registered with the telecommunication authorities. And, as some of you may have experienced with your own UK phone, this is hit and miss affair.

Best to just buy a phone here!