The newly privatised company is now offering discounts as well as prices rises.

Turk Telekom has just announced new telephone call charges for 2007, the first changes since 2004. The company has cut international and long distance calling costs but has increased local call costs and package costs roughly in-line with inflation. Long distance and international call costs have been cut by around 60%.

The call costs will vary depending on the phone package you have but, for example, the cost of an international call on the lowest cost package known as the ‘HesapliHATT’ will now cost 16 kurus per minute (6 pence) to Zone 1 areas such as the UK.

Users of the ‘HesapliHATT’ package will also receive an additional 60 free minutes bringing the total free minutes to 160.

So, overall fairly good news for phone users and no doubt spurred on by the increasing use of internet based phone services such as Skype to make free or cheap phone calls.

You can find out the latest phone charges by visiting the English version of the Turk Telekom website here. Please note as of today the latest rates were not posted.