Turk Telekom new tariffs cancelled.

Turk Telekom implemented changes to their telephone calls charges in March ending a three year price freeze. They publicised the changes widely and included the new charges on a flyer issued with all bills issued from January. However, following a case brought by the Turkish Consumers Association the changes have been cancelled by the District Administrative Court. The company introduced the new charges from the 1st of March so all bills issued since then will need to be adjusted if an appeal by the Turkish phone giant fails. The change is causing concerns from the lowly phone user right to the top of the establishment. The Central Bank, responsible for monitoring inflation, may have to ask the bean counters to recalculate the inflation rate for Turkey if the case is successful and the lowly phone user is left confused as to what they should pay.

What a situation but then again nothing is that surprising here in Turkey, a land where just about anything can happen!