Find friends and family from the comfort of your computer.

If you’ve ever lost the telephone number for friends and family living abroad finding their number again seemed an impossible task. However, as we have just found, using the on-line worldwide phone directory takes much of the hassle out of locating those lost numbers.

The telephone directory isn’t one massive database but is a set of links to each country’s national telephone on-line directories. We decided we test the link to Turkey’s on-line directory.

We clicked on the Turkish link and we’re taken to a new window that displayed Turk Telekom’s telephone directory. The first hurdle is that the site is in Turkish. That’s not too much trouble though as completion of the fields is pretty logical.
In the ‘Soyadi’ field we input the surname

In the ‘Il’ or area box we scrolled down to find Mugla – code 0252

We clicked the ‘Bul’ button and up came our telephone number and address. Easy!

The good point or bad point, depending on your viewpoint, about the system is that you can’t just type in a part name and get a list of names back. You also need to know the area of Turkey they live in. So, if you are trying to trace a friend you’ll need to at least have an idea of their approximate location.

There is also another limitation if you are trying to find a Turkish name and you’re using an English keyboard as you’ll need to input Turkish characters when searching for a name.

So, the on-line Turk Telekom directory is a useful and free on-line way to find telephone numbers but you’ll need to know the approximate location of your friends and type in Turkish characters if required.

You can find the Worldwide Telephne Directory at this link