Do you want to save paper and get some free telephone calls? Then make sure you read our article on how to get your telephone bills via email?

The Turkish telecommunication giant Turk Telekom is offering subscribers to its services the option to save paper and postage by getting their bills sent to them electronically.

Not only will this initiative potentially save millions of trees, but should allow the over stretched nationalised postal service the PTT a breathing space to deliver all the other post.

It will also be great for expat property owners who can check bills whilst they are back home.

As an incentive to get customers to make the change it is offering them 10 minutes of free calls each month if they sign up for the service by 31 December 2008.

The staff at have signed up for the offer and it’s easy.

All you need to do is click this link and fill in the on-line form.

The form is in Turkish so if your understanding isn’t too good we’ve set out the translation here Turkish first:

Ad – First Name

Soyad – Surname

Telefon Numerasi – Telephone Number

Where it says ‘Seciniz’ click on the small arrow and choose Mugla from the box. Unfortunately the areas aren’t in alphabetical order so take our tip and click on the down arrow by the box and type ‘m’ until Mugla comes up.

In the box below put in the rest of your number excluding the area code with no spaces. For Mugla exclude 0252.

E-posta adresi – Your email address you want your bill sent too each month. Be very careful to make sure it is correct as the form doesn’t verify it for you! If you get it wrong you won’t get your bill.

GSM Numersai – Your mobile phone number. In the ‘Seciniz’ box choose your operator code and put the rest of your number in the box below.

Saat dilimi – Choose a time from the list which is so they can ring you (ee later in the guide).

Click on the check box ‘Yukarıdaki Koşulları Kabul Ediyorum’ and then type in the security code.

Press ‘Gonder’

If everything has been completed correctly you will receive an email reply later confirming you have been moved to e-billing.

To finally activate your e-billing you must click the link in the e-mail and then you are sorted.

You will then receive a phonecall from Turk Telekom confirming that you have requested the change in billing arrangements.

We have already been in contact with Turk Telekom saying that will be publicising e-billing and Turk Telekom have confirmed that English speaking operators will be available if requested.

You should then receive your monthly bills by email and see your free calls noted on the e-bill.