If so we have arranged to help you do so on Wednesday, 14th January 2009 at 10am.

We have received emails from readers who have found it impossible to rent a post box either due to language problems or because of the recent relocation of the post office sorting office.

So www.fethiyetimes.com has arranged to help anyone who wants to set up a new post box on Wednesday, 14th January 2009 at 10am. (Nb this is a one-off offer and not an annual event)

The cost is a deposit of 12 TL payable to the PTT for which you receive a receipt.

If/when you give up the box and still have your receipt; you will get your 12 TL back.

The rental for the whole of 2009 is a further 6 TL so you will need to pay 18 TL in total.

You need a photocopy of the personal details page in your passport (the photo page and the last page shwoing contact/next of kin) and you will have to complete a form.

We have copies of the form, which is in Turkish, and will help you fill one out before we go to see the office that rents the boxes.

So if you want to rent a box please e-mail suze@fethiyetimes.com (if we know how many people are coming we can ensure we have enough forms) and then be at the main entrance to the PTT in downtown Fethiye on Wednesday 14th January at 10am.

By the way once you have a post box you can collect your mail 24/7, any day of the year from the boxes outside the downtown post office (pictured above).

So make sure you book your place soon!

Please note we can only help people who want a post box in FETHIYE and no where else.

PS: We are now quoting the Turkish currency using the initials TL for Turkish Lira in line with the Turkish Central Bank wishes.