A unreliable and untimely postal service is one of the drawbacks of living in Turkey. But help is now on hand from a company called UKpostbox.com that can deal with all your post in a neat and modern way.

Postal problems

One of the many problems British people find when they move to Turkey is the postal service.

In the UK we were used to a reliable and timely service with deliveries at least once a day to our door.

If things go wrong we know that there is a complaints procedure on offer and compensation should things go wrong.

But in Turkey the deliveries are sporadic; post goes missing and the letters that do make it through can take several weeks to appear.

Only a few weeks ago we highlighted a postal backlog in Ovacik / Hisaronu that was causing hardship for many. Whilst last year it was Fethiye that had a massive backlog (See picture above of the pile of undelivered post).

The odd postcard or Christmas card going missing may not be a problem ,but what if the letters you are expecting are more important?

We can’t always afford letters from the bank, bank cards, cheques, investment statements, benefit letters and the like to go missing – but they do causing major headaches.

A Neat Solution is at Hand

We came across a company, UK Postbox, the other day that might just solve many of the problems our readers have with the intermittent postal service whilst living away from the UK.

They offer a complete secure mail handling service that users can access from anywhere in the world.

Their services include:

– Viewing your mail online and then decide what, if any, you want forwarded to you in Turkey or elsewhere even by registered post;

– Allowing you to send letters directly from your computer via the Royal Mail as if you were in the UK the same working day;

– Pay cheques into your UK bank;

– Enable you to shop online, receive and forward deliveries that would not be possible directly to Turkey.

Easy to Use

When you sign up for their service you are given a unique UK Postbox account and postal address.

For example:

John Smith – 123
PO Box 7169
BH15 9EL

This address should then be notified to everyone you receive mail from or you can have the post from your previous or current address redirected to your account for up to 24 months before you notify anyone of your new postal address.

When letters arrive the envelope is scanned and saved to your online account.

You can then review the envelopes and decide which letters you want opened, scanned and saved to your account for further review or just forwarded without opening.

Any letters you don’t want can be securely shredded – great for unwanted junk mail.

Cheque Paying In Service Really Useful

The cheque paying in facility will be a god send to many people living away from the UK where foreign banks either won’t accept UK cheques or charge a huge commission for banking them.

With UK Postbox paying your cheques directly into your bank account you’ll be able to draw the cash out using your ATM card within days not months.

To Find out More or Sign Up

You can find out more about this service by visiting the UK Postbox website by clicking the banner below.

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