ADSL or Dial up, internet cafe or in your own place – we explain how you can surf in the sun and keep in touch.

ADSL or Dial up, internet cafe or in your own place – we explain how you can surf in the sun and keep in touch.

Fethiye and the surrounding area is up to date when it comes to communication options for your computer. It has implemented ADSL technology and has recently expanded its exchange to provide more capacity for fast internet connection. Speeds of up to 4mb are available at present.

If you want to get on-line you have a few practical options:

  • Internet Cafe

There are numerous internet cafes around the town offering fast internet access. This is the cheapest way to keep in touch via PC but it can be inconvenient and many are so full of cigarette smoke you can’t see the PC screen and you have to get used to the Turkish keyboard. Either use their PC or if you have one, see if you can plug your own laptop into their network and away you go. Prices are around 75 korus for half an hour and 1 YTL for a full hour.

  • Dial Up

To get access from home you’ll first need a phone line – see here. After that you can connect to an Internet Service Provider (ISP). You can purchase an account from Turk Telecom or through a private company. The supermarkets sell accounts from E-Kolay (similar interface to AOL) starting from 9.90 YTL per month (ask at the customer services desk). Call cost are extra.

  • ADSL

If you want ‘always on’ internet and a fast connection you really need ADSL. Once you have this you’ll use your PC for so much – listening to the radio, getting news, making phone calls via Skype as well as all the other things you normally use your PC for. Speeds range from 512Kps to 4Mbs. Prices start from 30YTL per month on top of your phone line rental cost (ADSL is relatively more expensive than in UK).

To get ADSL you will first need to have a telephone line. See here

After that you can visit one of the Turk Telecom agents in area who will source and register an ADSL account for you. We used the Line Internet Cafe in Fethiye, around the corner fro the Sesa Park Hotel through the car park on the same street as the cinema. Ali speaks English and will arrange everything for you and install it in your house. There is no charge for this service.