How much will my water and sewerage cost in Fethiye, Marmaris, Bodrum, Ovacik, Dalyan, Seydikemer and other towns and villages in the Muğla province of Turkey in 2015?

Muğla Metropolitan Council operates the water and sewerage services for towns and villages in its area, having taken over from individual councils and village water cooperatives.

Muğla Council Water Charges 2015

There have been rumours that under the new Muğla authority water charges would be 5 TL per m3 (tonne of water).

The actual cost is less.

The Council is now issuing a helpful tariff comparison sheet with each water bill issued to explain to consumers the charges and how they compare with other cities and provinces in Turkey.

For domestic users (Mesken), the rate in Mugla is 2 TL for the first 20m3 and then 2.60 TL above that.

Sewerage is charged at 1 TL per m3 but based on the consumption of water via the meter reading.

The combined charge for water and sewerage including KDV and environment tax is 3.50 TL per m3.

Mugla council water charges comparison
Muğla council water charges comparison

All bills are issued by an official meter reader having taken a reading of the water meter.

The Water and Sewerage Bill

An example bill can be found below.

Mugla council water bill example 2015
Mugla council water bill example 2015

Payment: How, When and Where

All bills include details of where the bills can be paid and when.

The final payment date, son ödeme tarihi, and even the last hour, son ödeme saati, is stated on the bill.

Late payment will attract an interest charge.

If you have a participating Turkish bank account and access to internet banking you can arrange to pay by direct debit.

This is ideal if you are a second home owner and out of Turkey when the bill arrives.

Save water, save money, help the environment.


  1. Dear,

    a very interesting article!
    I don’t know if somebody could help me.. I’ve bought a house in Gumusluk (Bodrum).
    Aparantely the government doesn’t supply water over there.. Is this possible?
    There is a man who has a big depo and provides water.. He asks 10TL/m3 in summer and 8TL/m3 in winter. Is such a thing possible?
    I wonder how big his depo is, if he provides like for maybe 100 houses?!
    I am now in Belgium again, but I would like to investigate this matter before going and spending time in my home..

    Any comment or help would be great.

    Many thanks in advance.


  2. we have a villa in ovacik we filled the pool in may and with other combined usage the water bill was 293 tl however our latest bill as of this week was over 600 tl, the villa is not occupied permanently how can this be or has water charges excalated without us knowing

  3. Hi,
    We have an apartment in sarigerme on the royal links and although each apartment has its own water meter the management company says that the water company (council ?) only reads the main meter and sends a bill for the entire amount used.

    The management company then devide the bill up equally between all the properties but some of the properties are used a lot more than others so it appears very unfair.

    I have asked them for a seperate bill but they say its not possible. How can I get my meter read and get a seperate bill please?