The last three evenings have seen some violent thunderstorms in the mountains above Fethiye mark the start of the annual journey into Autumn.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons the blue skies gave way white clouds that, after a few hours darkened and turned into electrically charged, thunder and rain producing storms.

These storms mark the end of summer and the start of autumn as competing weather fronts replace the settled weather of summer.

Of course the fine weather will be around for a few more weeks but once the clocks change at the end of October it is time to start to get ready for winter.

Get Ready for Winter

To help prepare you for the winter storms we have put together a checklist to help you survive the worst that the Mugla weather has to throw at you this autumn/winter.

Autumn/Winter is the time that the Mediterranean receives its watering! There are frequent thunder storms and the rain can be very heavy at times causing localised flooding.

This rain falls as snow at higher levels and snow can be seen on the surrounding mountains from December onwards.

The wind can also gust to high speeds causing damage to property and people.

Fethiye town is generally protected from the prevailing south westerly storms because of the surrounding mountains.

However, it is generally better than worse and bad weather is short lived, and….when the sun comes out you realise why you came here to live….it’s paradise!!

Check List

But when the storms do arrive you need to be prepared and our checklist may help with that.

Get Ready – Personal Safety

– Look after yourself when out and about – get a good set of waterproofs and boots to keep out the rain.

– Watch out for slippery surfaces – marble steps and shop floors that are cool and attractive in the summer can be very slippery when wet.

– During a severe storm don’t travel unless your journey is absolutely necessary. Roads will be slippery and there’s always the risk of landslides or other hazards. On high roads there is also the possibility of snow and ice.

– Check that you have torches available with working batteries and buy emergency lights for strategic areas in your house. The latter plug into the mains electricity and come on automatically when the power goes off. They are available from most supermarkets for around 20 TL.

– Check you have candles and matches as backup lighting as well but watch out for the fire risk.

– Ensure you have enough fuel to provide heating just in case you aren’t able to get out to buy more. An alternative to electrical heating is essential if there is a prolonged power cut.

– Check you have the phone numbers for emergency services in case you are flooded or suffer damage in or around your home e.g. Fallen trees or downed power lines.

– If you have a generator check that you have spare supplies of fuel and power-up the machine from time to time to check that it’s ready to use.

Get Ready – Property

– Check your roof tiles – replace missing, loose or broken tiles and fix leaks before they ruin walls, floors or furniture.

– Check the security of solar water systems so they can withstand strong winds.

– Check outside storm drains in and around your property and clear any debris.

– Check guttering for leaks and blockages.

– Check windows and doors are secure and weatherproof. Re-apply silicone sealant if it has gone hard or cracked.

– Patch peeling paint on walls to stop the ingress of water and to prevent further damage to the paint.

– Pack away those summer things such as garden furniture, sunbeds and cushions before they fall victim to strong winds and heavy rain.

– Check that trees in your vicinity do not have branches overhanging or touching power lines – ask the local council to cut back branches that could bring down power lines in a storm.

Protect Sensitive Electricals

– When thunder storms occur unplug any sensitive electrical equipment such as computers and modems to prevent possible electrical surge damage.

Watch Out for Your Neighbours

– Finally give a thought to elderly or infirm neighbours during severe stormy weather – call in and see if they are ok.


Stay safe, stay dry and, as you will be prepared, enjoy the exciting weather. MAkes a change to days and days of sunshine!