Our new app re opens a three day weather window on Fethiye and area.

Our favourite Fethiye Times weather app suddenly stopped working about 10 days ago.

We first we didn’t know why at first but over the following days news of a big switch off at Google came to light.

They turned off their iGoogle service used by many app developers over the world to feed key information to apps such as our weather.

After a few days without weather we have now replaced it with a new app.

The data comes from the weather 365 website and provides a 3 day window on the weather.

You can find the app in its usual location to the right of every page.

More Weather Resources at Click or Tap

If you are a keen weather watcher and want to know more just click on the word Fethiye or any of the icons to be taken to the weather365 webpage where you can see more information and an outlook for a few more days.