Whilst the UK suffers a chilly, wet summer Fethiye is expecting a heat wave to scorch the area starting this weekend.

Temperatures are expected to rise from a high of 100F (39C) today to 108F (42C) on Tuesday.

Luckily the relative humidity will be as low as 15% during the day making the intense heat more bearable.

But with overnight temperatures not expected to drop below 75F (24C) and humidity rising to a muggy 50% sleeping will be uncomfortable for those without air conditioning.

Even Hotter Temperatures Forecast

Temperatures could hit 117F (47C) by a week next Saturday if the forecasts are correct. Temperatures this high will make life very hard for everyone.

Readers with medical conditions and the old  in particular should take care in the heat and only go out during the coolest parts of the day.