They say March weather comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. With all the rain and cold air engulfing the area the saying seems true but is it normal?

Across the other side of the Aegean on Tuesday Athens was hit by a snow shower that paralysed many of the roads within the Greek city.

Meanwhile on the eastern side temperatures have been below zero over night and have struggled to get into the mid teens even at sea level during the day.

Observers may think the current weather is unseasonal but not according to the Turkish Storm Calendar.

The calendar, which is based on the Coptic weather calendar, uses decades of weather observations to predict significant weather events. The calendar marks the period around the 11th of March each year as a time when cold winds will blow.

The calendar has been used by farmers and mariners for years and we can see why.

The cold air will stay until Saturday when warmer temperatures will return.